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As a document library or list owner, site owner, or administrator, you may want to switch the default experience back to the previous (classic experience) for a time. Execute Query() $first = $true foreach($custom Action in $custom Actions) Change the default experience for sites and site collections To change the default experience for document libraries on a site collection or site level, you must use a Windows Power Shell script with a CSOM (Client-side object model) wrapper, as follows.

Keep in mind that users can change the experience in specific libraries or sites back to new if they choose.

But if you’re trading on being the most powerful, the folk who might buy into Microsoft’s vision of ditching the standard Xbox One in favour of something with more gaming grunt could very well end up going all the way and getting themselves a serious gaming PC.

I’ve already had dyed-in-the-wool Xbox gamers asking what sort of PC they should consider instead of going for an Xbox One X, and I doubt they’re alone in asking their PC buddies for upgrade advice.

The following script detects customactions that deploy custom scripts. Client Context]$client Context = New-Object Microsoft.' $password = Read-Host -Prompt "Password for $username" -As Secure String [Microsoft.

But this time they’re not just going to be running into Sony’s waiting arms, they’re going to come and join us in PC-Land too, where the ethernet cables are coated in gold, our Steam libraries fit to bursting, and the thought of replacing our entire system every few years a complete anathema.Check for customizations that affect lists or library pages One reason you may want to change the default experience at the site and site collection level is because you have customizations that affect list or library pages and represent business-critical functionality. If you want to check for these kinds of customizations to help you determine which sites and site collections you want to change the default for, you must use a Windows Power Shell script with a CSOM (Client-side object model) wrapper. You may notice a change in the look and navigation of your document libraries and lists.This new experience is faster, has additional phone and tablet features, and simpler navigation.

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