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Otherwise, users will not be able to connect to Team Foundation from that computer.

For more information, see Manage Trusted Root Certificates.

For more information about how to install a certification authority, see the following topics on the Microsoft website: After you enlist in a certification authority, you must either request a certificate by using IIS Manager, or you must manually install the certificate on each of the following servers in your deployment: In addition, the client computers in your deployment will need to be enrolled in the certificate chain and request the needed certificate.

If you’re using Release Management, this includes any computers running the Release Management client, as well as any clients¹ running the deployment agent in your release environments.

If one or more of your projects uses Git for version control, users in those projects will also have to configure Git on their computers to recognize and use the client certificate.

For information about how to request a client certificate from a specific CA, see the documentation for that certification authority.

If you are using different software than what this topic describes, you might need to perform different steps.

Once the certificates have been installed on all the computers running Release Management Client and Microsoft Deployment Agent, you can connect the computers to the Release Management Server over SSL.

In addition, users whose computers are configured for HTTP only can still connect to your deployment.

Although you should not deploy this configuration over public networks, you can gain the following advantages by continuing to support HTTP connections in a controlled network environment: The procedures in this topic describe one process for requesting, issuing, and assigning certificates that are required for SSL connections in TFS.

After you identify the configuration that best meets the security needs of your organization, follow the steps in this topic to configure your deployment.

If you configure your deployment of TFS to support both protocols, users whose computers have been configured for HTTPS with SSL will connect by using that protocol, which makes your deployment more secure.

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