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One study found one-quarter of teens involved in a romantic relationship are abused by their partner via cell phones or social media.

With 24/7 access to one another, it can be difficult to escape.

But having a steady boyfriend or girlfriend at a young age increases the risk of early sex, as does having friends in higher grades, frequenting social networking sites and spending less time with platonic friends.

For parents who are unaware of the people and dynamics at play, it’s difficult to know what you’re facing.

#3 Early Sex – An obvious question on most parents’ minds when their children start dating is: Does this mean they’re having sex?

On average, teens hold off on sex until around age 17.

#5 Emotional Health – Middle school romances can have a lasting impact on young people’s emotional development.

In one study, children who made healthy partner choices became mentally and socially healthier when assessed 11 months later.

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