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Students whose families are experiencing a temporary financial difficulty may be eligible for a temporary waiver of student fees.

Parents or students who believe they may qualify for temporary financial hardship should contact the principal at registration for a waiver form.

There is a grievance procedure for processing complaints of discrimination. Department of Education Citigroup Center 500 W Madison Street, Suite 1475 Chicago, IL 60661-7204 Telephone: 312-730-1560 Facsimile: 312-730-1576 E-mail: or Iowa Department of Education Grimes State Office Building, Des Moines, IA 50319-0146 Telephone: 515-281-5294 The school district, in its educational program, has a process to assist students experiencing behavior and learning difficulties. Hit'em hard, hit'em right, victory's in sight, We'll fight hard to win this game tonight! The student handbook is an extension of board policy and is a reflection of the goals and objectives of the school board.

Students who feel they have been discriminated against are encouraged to report it to the school district Affirmative Action Coordinator. Parents wanting access to this process should contact Mr. Committed to continued excellence in lifelong learning, leadership, and character. Students may not use abusive language, profanity or obscene gestures or language.

Participating in class discussion, developing an appreciation for the views and abilities of other students, and forming the habit of regular attendance are legitimate class objectives.

Learning lost due to an absence can never be replaced.

Discipline can also include prohibition from participating in extracurricular activities, including athletics.

The discipline imposed is based upon the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident and the student's record.

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The term “school activities” means all school activities in which students are involved whether they are school-sponsored or school-approved, whether they are an event or an activity, or whether they are held on or off school grounds.

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