Row cannot be located for updating some values may

The most important advantage is that we can scope it to database level rather than setting it at the instance level.This makes it possible for us to have other databases co-existing in the same server instance with new behavior enabled i.e. Fields("totalconc") = gvs PSCampo(Trim$(txt Concedido. Had same error, however had it with recordsets rather than data control. Update 'Error show up her End With and the Table structure is CREATE TABLE `proyecto` ( `codproy` varchar(9) NOT NULL, `cont` smallint(5) DEFAULT NULL, `nsubgrupo` tinyint(3) unsigned DEFAULT NULL, `titulo` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, `tipo_actividad` varchar(25) DEFAULT NULL, `subtipo_actividad` varchar(35) DEFAULT NULL, `entidad_financ` varchar(12) DEFAULT NULL, `organismo` smallint(5) DEFAULT NULL, `fentrada` datetime DEFAULT NULL, `comite` varchar(10) DEFAULT NULL, `finicio` datetime DEFAULT NULL, `ffin` datetime DEFAULT NULL, `area` varchar(7) DEFAULT NULL, `fenvioetico` datetime DEFAULT NULL, `faprobetico` datetime DEFAULT NULL, `faprobcient` datetime DEFAULT NULL, `fconcesionfirma` datetime DEFAULT NULL, `registro` varchar(60) DEFAULT NULL, `estado` varchar(1) DEFAULT NULL, `totalconc` decimal(19,4) DEFAULT NULL, `bloqueo` varchar(1) DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`codproy`) ) ENGINE=Inno DB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1; the exception aper with any table but this is and example Hi German and thanks for your report. Now, my test shows that simple case like: Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim con Dim SQL1 Dim rs Proyecto con = New ADODB. Open("DSN=51") SQL1 = "SELECT * FROM bug38147 WHERE Fld1 = 'Primo'" rs Proyecto = New ADODB. If you are able to provide the information that was originally requested, please do so and change the status of the bug back to "Open". But my code has such error: "vb6 error: Row cannot be located for updating.I'm working with Delphi (XE3) and need to connect to a My SQL database. Thank you Rainer No feedback was provided for this bug for over a month, so it is being suspended automatically.

From another forum, I learnt that if you are using a static cursor for the recordset, using adlockbatchoptimistic instead of adlockoptimistic solved the problem.

Microsoft has included this as a new option in SCOPED CONFIGURATION options for the database.

The option is called IDENTITY_CACHE and is included in the documentation below 2.

I'm having a strange problem that seems quite common but I still haven't entirely solved this problem.

traditional solutions include: problem 1: start the application, execute the code: if the new value happens to match what's already in the database, I get the error at position "B".

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