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The principal objective of this article is to present the first ever radiocarbon dates done on the Vasconian Mousterian, Proto-Aurignacian and Classic Aurignacian layers of this site. Consequently, at this stage of our own analysis, we cannot exclude the hypothesis that the Cjn1 assemblage could be, at least in part, a mix of Proto-Aurignacian assemblage Cjn2 and Classic Aurignacian assemblage Cbf.We undertook dating of animal bones from three levels, sampling from the Dating is the focus, but this could only be achieved reliably at this site by integrally linking sampling for dating with a consideration of the larger contextual information of the site; this, in order to avoid obtaining incorrect dates. For these reasons, as a precaution, we chose not to date Cjn1.The improvements in dating methods have however allowed for the clarification of many chronological issues in the past decade.Archaeological and palaeontological evidence strongly suggest that the initial modern colonization of eastern Europe and central Asia should be related to the spread of techno-complexes assigned to the Initial Upper Palaeolithic. Contained therein are several single panel cartoons dating from the ’50s, which feature, as it says at the link, “the teen view of dating, religion, clubs, parents, sports, and more.” Looks great, and will make a welcome companion to your collection. Jake at Ye Olde Comick Booke Blogge has a great collection of sketches from the Phoenix Comicon, including a character drawn by George Perez that Perez himself admits he’d never drawn before! But I do want to note that I’m glad to see Pirate Batman from this Elseworlds annual popping up. Also…and I know I noted this before…it amuses me the level of renown and/or infamy regarding my Swamp Thing fandom, given the number of mentions folks make of me in connection to the character (as Greg did in the CSBG article). So that weird promo image DC unleashed last week: …I agree with pal Dorian’s assessment (that it’s an amalgamation of recent and future events, rather than a specific forthcoming company-wide event).

The results are stratigraphically coherent, with an overlap in chronometric dates between the two early stratified Aurignacian industries : Classic Aurignacian 34 250 ± 550 and 34 400 ± 550 14C BP; Proto-Aurignacian : 36 300 ± 700 and 33 800 ± 550 14C BP. Black squares indicate Proto-Aurignacian or Classic Aurignacian sites, while white squares denote Vasconian sites ; some sites contain both, as shown by split black-white squares. Most of them are broken, with the longest being 32.5 mm.

The expansion of this techno-complex throughout Europe completed the modern colonization of the continent.

The interpretation of a third group of industries referred to as “transitional assemblages” in western and central Europe is much debated.

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Dating the timing of the replacement of local Neandertal populations by modern humans in western Eurasia at the dawn of the Upper Palaeolithic remains challenging due to the scarcity of the palaeontological evidence and to the complexity of the archaeological record.

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