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Accepting a new state with read more Last week Washington, DC shut down as everyone and their dog fled to sports bars to watch James Comey’s congressional testimony.The uncomfortable spectacle raised more questions than merely Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election.Don’t worry, many cities in America are going through the same spring cleaning you are.

read more So you’ve got an old Confederate statue you need to toss out.

The main argument against read more It’s been a bad year for patent trolls, from a Supreme Court decision squelching their ability to funnel lawsuits to East Texas to this week’s ruling that Personal Audio LLC can’t claim it owns a patent on the entirety of podcasting.

In the latest Mostly Weekly, Reason’s Andrew Heaton explores what patent trolls are, the damage they do, read more A spate of recent articles corroborate what I already suspected, that holding elected office is the neurological equivalent of getting kicked in the head by a donkey.

This is neither left nor right…it’s an intelligent, articulate, knowledgeable person talking to you as if you have a mind.

It is also considered by Assyrians as Gozarto (meaning Upper Mesopotamia), part of the historical Syriac-Assyrian homeland.

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If they’re homely or awkward, they are merely wealthy drivers of inequality, and read more President Trump is rolling back some of his predecessor’s Cuban policy reforms, potentially setting back important American relations with cigars and rum.

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