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After the breakup of the Tibetan empire in 842, Nyima-Gon, a representative of the ancient Tibetan royal house, founded the first Ladakh dynasty.Nyima-Gon's kingdom had its centre well to the east of present-day Ladakh.

Thrikhyiding migrated to the western Tibetan region of upper Ngari (Stod Mnga ris) and married a woman of high central Tibetan nobility, with whom he founded a local dynasty.or provoked his groom Longam (Lo-ngam) into a duel.During the fight the king's dmu cord was cut, and he was killed.Thereafter Drigum Tsenpo and subsequent kings left corpses and the Bön conducted funerary rites.In a later myth, first attested in the Maṇi bka' 'bum, the Tibetan people are the progeny of the union of the monkey Pha Trelgen Changchup Sempa and rock ogress Ma Drag Sinmo.

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