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First, is the book Race Mixing: Black-White Marriage in Postwar America by Renee Romano.

She mentions that those concerned with racial purity often framed their opposition in terms of Christian beliefs.

However, not all whites shared the view that intermarriage violated Christian beliefs.

There is not much about Christianity, or even religion in general, in her work.

A good deal of the controversy over same-sex marriage has been linked to the comparison of it to interracial marriage.

Merely perusing the articles, comments and debates reveals that many believe that same-sex marriage today is what interracial marriage was in the past. But one argument in particular that has caught my attention is that just as Christianity is the major force opposing same-sex marriage today, it was the major force opposing interracial marriage in the past.

So far my survey of books that pay significant attention to the history of interracial marriage has not provided much information on the role of Christianity on the attempts to ban interracial marriage.

For these books the most that can be said is Christianity is a peripheral element in the resistance to interracial marriage.

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