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If there is a public disclosure by the inventor, there is a 12 month grace period before a patent application must be filed.But it is often wise to avoid any public disclosure before filing a patent application.Also, the PTO charges a small entity a 0 filing fee for a provisional patent application compared to the minimum 0 filing fee for a non-provisional patent application.If a provisional patent application is filed, a non-provisional patent application must be filed within 12 months of the filing date of the provisional patent application in order to obtain the benefit of the provisional patent application priority date.Inventions are typically protected through a patent.In order to obtain a United States patent, a patent application must be filed with the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO).It does not require a background section nor claims.Because the provisional patent application requires less than the non-provisional patent application, a patent attorney typically charges about one-half of the fees for preparing a non-provisional patent application.

After coming up with the Great Idea, a prudent inventor will often build a prototype to determine the feasibility of the invention.

It is important to know the requirements for obtaining a patent.

In particular, with the US first-to-file system, a patent application must be filed before the first public use and the first offer to sell a product embodying the invention.

A design patent protects the aesthetic appearance of the product, that is, the visible features of the invention that are not functional.

For more information on patents, please refer to the Patent FAQ or consult with a patent attorney.

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Inventors seeking to minimize their initial investment at the expense of waiting longer to receive a patent on their invention should consider filing a provisional patent application.

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