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The Adult Down Syndrome Center is a comprehensive medical resource providing care for adults with Down Syndrome, with an emphasis on health promotion.

Prior to an initial visit, a health questionnaire and a release of information form will be sent to the caregiver to establish previous medical history.

To drive legally in Illinois, you must have a valid driver’s license, instruction permit, Restricted Driving Permit or Judicial Driving Permit.

The first step to getting you behind the wheel in the State of Illinois is to obtain an instruction permit.

Thank you guys sooo much, I would totally recommend this place to anyone.

My question involves juvenile law in the State of: Illinois I'm 15 and I'm dating a 24 year old.

We offer several different behind-the-wheel training packages.

Maximum 3 hours (additional time will be extra fee). I called up Warsaw and they literally were one of the nicest, most helpful people I have ever met.

You will take this certificate with you to your SOS/DMV location when you apply for your first Illinois Driver License.

Our driver ed content is split into 7 learning modules: Your License to Drive, Right of Way, Traffic Control Devices, Controlling Traffic Flow, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Cooperating With Other Roadway Users, and Managing Risk.

The mission of the Adult Down Syndrome Center is enhancing the well-being of adolescents, 12 and older, and adults with Down syndrome using a team approach to provide comprehensive, holistic, community-based health care services. Now accepting Illinois residents with Down Syndrome who are 12 years and older. Down syndrome, the most common of all genetic conditions associated with intellectual disability, occurs in approximately one out of every 691 births, usually causing delays in physical, intellectual and language development.

With appropriate and ongoing medical care, adults and adolescents with Down syndrome can lead healthy and productive lives.

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