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On the same day, Apple released a public beta of i Chat AV 2.1 to allow Mac OS X users to video conferencing with AIM 5.5 users.In June 2004, Steve Jobs announced that the next version of i Chat AV would be included with Mac OS X 10.4.So if i have the effect and say something, the next person to type will have half the top of their entire sentence covered with a line.i Chat (previously i Chat AV) is a discontinued instant messaging software application developed by Apple Inc. It supported instant text messaging over XMPP/Jingle or OSCAR (AIM) protocol, audio and video calling, and screen-sharing capabilities.With i Chat, green (available), yellow (idle), and red (away) icons could be displayed next to the name of each connected user on the buddy list.

It added video and audio conferencing capabilities based on the industry-standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

We’re going to focus on the latter approach since it will allow a Mac user to reveal the exact date and time that any message was sent or received within the Messages app of Mac OS X.

The trick to viewing the timestamp of a sent or received message in Mac OS X Messages app is really quite simple; you just hover the mouse over the message you want to see the date and time for.

The final version of the software was shipped with Mac OS X 10.3 and became available separately on the same day for Mac OS X 10.2.

In February 2004, AOL introduced AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) version 5.5 for Windows users, which enabled video, but not audio, chats over the AIM protocol and was compatible with Apple's i Chat AV.

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This release supported the XMPP protocol, which could be directly used to connect to Google Talk and indirectly be used to connect to users of services including Facebook Chat, and Yahoo! However, support was limited as it did not support several common XMPP features such as account creation, service discovery and full multi-user chat support.

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