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Cachalot (n.) The sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus).

It has in the top of its head a large cavity, containing an oily fluid, which, after death, concretes into a whitish crystal Cache (n.) A hole in the ground, or hiding place, for concealing and preserving provisions which it is inconvenient to carry. of Cachexy Cachexy (n.) A condition of ill health and impairment of nutrition due to impoverishment of the blood, esp.

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Cabalist (n.) One versed in the cabala, or the mysteries of Jewish traditions. Cabal Cabaret (n.) A tavern; a house where liquors are retailed.

Cabaret (n.) a type of restaurant where liquor and dinner is served, and entertainment is provided, as by musicians, dancers, or comedians, and providing space for dancing by the patrons; -- similar to a nightclub.

Hence: Cabinet (n.) A decorative piece of furniture, whether open like an etagere or closed with doors. Cabinet (n.) Any building or room set apart for the safe keeping and exhibition of works of art, etc.; also, the collection itself.

Cabinetmaker (n.) One whose occupation is to make cabinets or other choice articles of household furniture, as tables, bedsteads, bureaus, etc.

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Caboose (n.) A car used on freight or construction trains for brakemen, workmen, etc.; a tool car.

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