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The most useful trees are the giant sequoia which can live more than 2,500 years, and the bristle cone pine that may live more than 4,500 years.

Because of the mentioned problems, the real curve has several little wiggles that vary a few percentage points from the expected, or theo­retical, curve.

But when they die, a clock starts ticking, which is the radioactive decay of the C-14.

The clock begins at death because no more C-14 is com­ing in.

Could C-14 dating be fine tuned to correct for these problems? Tree rings consist of a light and dark band corresponding to the warm and cold seasons of the year.

The width of tree rings reflects the good or bad growing conditions for that year.

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The date will be 1,000 years off on an object that is actu­ally 20,000 years old.

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