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You can download the AMD drivers from AMDs site, and the Dell drivers come in the Windows Update menu itself.

So, the choice I guess is yours: either take Dell drivers and avoid these issues, or take AMD drivers for better performance.

After that install these up-to-date drivers: Intel VGA driver: I downloaded Skyrim and it was so laggy as it was running on integrated graphics. BUT I also got the issues: screen does not wake after going to sleep does not come back from hibernate does not come back after closing and opening lid windows fastboot doesnt work (same problem, screen goes off, doesnt come on, and the laptop doesnt shut down) Anyways, I researched on this for months and this is what I finally know: AMD is rolling out drivers to increase performance.

Disabling Driver Signature before install this AMD driver modded by me (thanks for the base version for Mahmoud Elfar): https://nz/#! 8Ce UKw49k6wvr-X6Ia Q2i-qggj4RVUp Dgc F8Ac Yvq Mg Many version tested with Samsung 840 EVO and the fastest Intel AHCI driver is v13.2.4.1000 (thanks for Fernando on Win-Raid forum for the driver collection): https://nz/#! v Zkgb C1og Rxm8fm X53Q23c6Lh ABE-tfd B3K3Huc Fhuo Dell 1707 drivers also contains the latest 1705 drivers: However, those drivers aren't well tweaked to run on your machine, that is the Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 (many other laptops also have similar issues). Dell, however, is modifying those drivers to run on your machine smoothly, at the cost of performance.

Say, if I have to go out somewhere for a short while and I don't want to close my laptop, then I just disable the AMD graphics card and then put it to sleep or close the lid.And for Dishonored, I got constant 60 fps on maximum settings.Dishonored is not a much hardware demanding game so it should obviously run smooth. The gameplay is so smooth in Grid 2 on maximum settings when switched to radeon 8850m.I played Saint Row 4 yesterday with medium setting but still i can see the fps drop even a little bit with a sudden rough game display. I used to own an nvidia laptop 525m and play cod mw3 with high setting including max AA, still smoother than my new laptop and no lag at all. The gameplay is so smooth in Grid 2 on maximum settings when switched to radeon 8850m.Sigh @urukhai119 I tried contacting Dell customer support and they said I should update my BIOS to latest version. And to make sure that it was running on amd, I tried playing it on intel hd 4400 it totally sucked.

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and the graphic card is not being shown on device manager.please tell me its solution. I installed my graphics drivers from Dell website and the game was still laggy.

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