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Show #1090: Of Sanctuary Cities & Lifeboat Ethics - (14.66 MB) Listen Now Guest: Matt O'Brien, Director of Research, Federation for American Immigration Reform Subject: Hundreds of millions, give or take, would like to clamber into the sanctuary of lifeboat USA. One such conference, Eco Farm, brings together like minded ecofarmers from around the world, and they lead us to ask.... Topics include what makes ecological farming different from organic and other styles of farming; how the Eco Farm conference works to propagate ecological farming; and whether ecofarmers can grow enough food to feed a hungry world. - (14.77 MB) Listen Now Guest: James Bovard, Author & Anti-Czar Czar Subject: Topics include a look at the workings of USDA, an agency with a billion budget that grows nothing and sells nothing; who and what enjoys the largess of the USDA; and whether the USDA needs, as some assert, to be drained.

Given the condition of the waters in which they tread, who can blame them? Show #1086: To Subsidize Or Not to Subsize - (15.72 MB) Listen Now Guest: Don Scott, Director of Sustainability, National Biodiesel Board Subject: The federal government has subsidized the biofuel industry with tax credits and price supports. Topics include how fuels are made from plant and animal products; why the industry that manufacturers those fuels has been subsidized by the government; and whether government should continue to subsidize the biofuels industry.

Show #1102: Invasion of the Invasives - (14.99 MB) Listen Now Guests: Heath Packard, Director of Communications, Island Conservation Subject: Topics include what makes a species an invasive species; how invasive species invade and conquer, and by what means invasive species may be eliminated.

Show #1101: Wolves to the Heal - (10.01 MB) Listen Now Guests: Marc Cooke, President of Wolves of the Rockies Subject: Topics include how Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is spreading throughout the West; why wolves might prove to be the best way to control the spread of CWD; and whether wolves should be freed to eat the weak.

How will the price of gas affect the price of food? And so we ask: Where is the money in the legalization of cannabis?

Show #1127: California's Green -Gold Rush II; The Money - (10.25 MB) Listen Now Guests Cannabis Financial Consultants John Downs from Arcview and Gavin Kogan from Grupo Flor Subject: Cannabis is projected to generate so much money for California its treasurer is asking for a fleet of armored cars to pick it up and take it to Sacramento.

Show #1124: The Big Bucks of Bottle Water - (5.01 MB) Listen Now Guests: Story of Stuff Campaign Manager Miranda Fox Subject: Topics include why the bottle water industry has grown so big, so fast; how industry participants have gained control of the sources of clean water; and why the public is paid so little for the water it pays so much for in plastic bottles. - (15.39 MB) Listen Now Guests: David Mc Cumber, Editor of the Montana Standard, and Bart Riley, Proprietor of Riley Meats Subject: Topics include how USDA subjected family food businesses to non-existent regulations; how non-existent regulations were used to find fault with, and even terminate, family food businesses; and speculation as to why USDA conducted this campaign of bureaucratic terrorism.

But when a crop has been re-engineered to contain a pesticide, and to be drenched in herbicides, we wonder...

How can a GMO be substantially equivalent to an non-GMO? - (14.73 MB) Listen Now Guest: Justine Smith, Doctoral Student, University of California, Santa Cruz Subject: Topics include the extent to which people, pumas and prey live in close proximity; how all are adjusting to living together; and whether people, as the apex predator, can live in harmony with other predators and their prey. - (15.25 MB) Listen Now Guests: Ecological Farming Foundation veterans Sam Earnshaw, Thomas Wittman and Deborah Yashar Subject: Winter is the time to sort seeds and confer on a new growing season at one of the many farm conferences around the nation.

Show #1100: Food Fights & Culture Wars - (14.69 MB) Listen Now Guest: Tom Nealon, Author, Food Fights & Culture Wars Subject: Topics include how an antiquarian book bookstore owner became an expert medieval chef; how food trends of the past moved civilizations to war and peace; and what those trends might portend for our future with food. Topics include the number and extent of pesticide stories that populate current news; what that news portends for the ability to use pesticides; and whether we can, or cannot, feed the future without using pesticides. Topics include the extent to which food has become contaminated with pesticides; the claim we must use those pesticides to feed the world; and speculation as to whether we can feed future populations without pesticides. Topics include the extent to which bees are responsible for the food we eat; speculation as to why their colonies are collapsing throughout the nation, and what measures are being taken to protect the pollinators. - (14.69 MB) Listen Now Guest Professor Andy Dyer, University of South Carolina and author of Chasing the Red Queen: Subject: Eat or be eaten!

Show #1100: Food Fights & Culture Wars - (14.69 MB) Listen Now Guest: Tom Nealon, Author, Food Fights & Culture Wars Subject: Topics include how an antiquarian book bookstore owner became an expert medieval chef; how food trends of the past moved civilizations to war and peace; and what those trends might portend for our future with food. Show #1098: Pesticides & the Future of Food - (15.03 MB) Listen Now Guests: Audience Open Microphone Subject: Many of those who grow our food say we must use pesticides to feed the future. Show #1097: Pesticides & The Right to Food - (14.54 MB) Listen Now Guest: International Law Professor and UN Special Rapportour Hilal Elver Subject: Two recent items of news: A claim that strawberries are the food most contaminated with pesticide residues, and a denial of the claim we must use pesticides to feed the world. Show #1096: POLLINATORS OR PESTICIDES - (14.66 MB) Listen Now Guests: Madeleine Carnemark, Pollinator Program and Policy Coordinator at the Center for Food Safety & University of California Student of Envioronmental Studies Olivia Duncan Subject: Bees pollinate plants that produce about one-third of the food we eat, and yet we use pesticides that are said to kill bees to grow those same plants. All of us living things love to eat, but hate being eaten.

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