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Me and my brother can only go in one direction and that is forward and this will be something that is left behind,” Moneel concluded.

“I would like to point out that me and my brother have learnt our lesson.

This is supported by the court papers which show that 6,000 transactions were made by Movie X members, totaling more than 0,000 in revenue.

A large sum of money, but 6,000 transactions with more than 400,000 members means that less than 1.5% of all members paid money to the site.

However, half the things said in the press are untrue and the media has a way to blow these things out of proportions,” Moneel told Torrent Freak.

Aside from technicalities, such as the claim that the website was hosted at their home address instead of in a data center in The Netherlands, most of the inaccuracies deal with money related issues.

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According to the brothers there was never any intention to cash in at the expense of its users, or steal the money and run away.

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