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After all, I gain something [social skills] from being a PTBF and the customer gains something [intimacy] too.” Although he finds dates awkward, he is learning to take the initiative.

“While watching a scary movie, if the girl is frightened, I pat her on the shoulder, or offer to put my arm around her,” he says. They give him positive feedback, but “these are acts of politeness”.

They offer services ranging from dining out to watching movies, but also the full gamut of sexual services, with dates costing between HK0 and HK,000, depending on what’s on the agenda.

The trend made headlines last week when 10 Hong Kong women, including a secondary school pupil, were arrested on suspicion of advertising sexual services as part-time girlfriends on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Although she has met a man with a taste for sado-masochism, who paid her HK,000 to “beat” him, she insists there was no sex involved. Her clients usually take her to the cinema or meet up for a chat, Jo says.

She states clearly on her Instagram account that anything sexual is completely off the menu.

After all, I’m not selling my body.” The part-time partner phenomenon works both ways, and part-time boyfriend Brian, 23, is certainly no gigolo.

After an unhappy experience last year brought out a masochistic streak in him, he searched the internet for a dominatrix for some excitement.

They message each other constantly on a daily basis – at the girl’s initiative.A 16-year-old who feels compelled to sell her companionship, though not her body, to earn money, a 26-year-old who sounds like a life coach - women shrug off the stigma of being girlfriends for hire, and the frequent requests for sex Jo, a 16-year-old Hong Kong student, opened an Instagram account in May to offer her services as a part-time girlfriend.She’s trying to save HK,000 to buy a clarinet, she says, and made HK,000 in her first month.Jo meets clients, aged between 25 and 35, about twice a week at nighttime and during weekends, when she’s not studying.The phenomenon of part-time girlfriends – or PTGFs – for rent in Hong Kong has blossomed on social media in recent months.

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Like many PTGFs, Jo comes from a working-class family.

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