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Sometimes, it would be ‘on the ground’ in the midst of a session along with the children [or connected through another computer with the text chat on skype to provide an idea of what was happening that they couldn’t see. Evolved into a fluid, ever changing group that engages with children not only to read stories to them, but to play games, do puzzles and craft; show them a bit of the world outside their homes, to hear what the children have to say, to provoke their curiosity, occasionally ask a ‘Big” (or ‘not so big’ question), to encourage analysis and reflection on their own thoughts.

Sometimes it was a ‘one on one’ interaction from my hotel room in Hyderabad, or from back at home base in Pune. We have evolved into a group that modified and adapted and expanded the wiki that Mabel helped set up so that we could better reach out to the children not just in the original SOLE labs but many other centres that came on board when the original project ended.

Fluff and Tuck: * per person not to exceed 1 hour of care. * All additional services are based on availability and care for 1 person.We hoped that the interaction would help the children learn English and begin to make meaning of what they read.Most of the Grannies had responded to Sugata’s appeal in The Guardian and connected via Email expressing their interest in the idea.Each emediator interacted with me fairly extensively.Via Email, and via Skype, and occasionally by phone.

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I had followed up on the emails, had an informal chat or two with those who wished to go further, and by May 2009 there were about 70 to 75 emediators(the term ‘Granny’ came a little later) lined up to connect with children in 10 locations in Hyderabad (then Andhra Pradesh now Telangana) plus in Shirgaon, Maharashtra.

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