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J.'s a much hipper, cooler mom than Danny was a dad. So I think that with dating, she has more options, but that might [make it] more difficult.

They went out the next day and were engaged within a year. Son Lev came two years later, and another son, Maksim, two years after his brother.

J.'s transition from married life to a single mom and how she's a much "cooler" and more modern parent than Danny ever was. face as a single parent that are different from the ones that Danny faced? We make references to them on the show, so it's not like she's a family member who isn't there anymore. I don't know what it is, but we all just drank the same thing and got it from him.

The charming actress even dished about how John Stamos helped the original cast maintain their ageless beauty. Times are just different now — like just the fact that we have social media, cell phones, and access to the world for kids is so much greater than when we were kids. I also want to say — without sounding like a total dork — that Danny was a little bit of a geek, and I think D.

Whereas I have my husband who is a partner, so we get to back each other up when we have to make tough decisions. J., as a single mom, is overly cautious about safety and that kind of stuff. Once you've experienced some of those things, you're like, “No big deal. You know, they still have that love-hate relationship.

My husband and I are in terms of what we expect of our kids. J.'s a single mom, so there's probably more leniency than I have because she has to be both mom and dad... Do Kimmy and Stephanie still have a hilarious love-hate relationship?

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