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It's very important for me to visit our wounded in the hospital and do whatever I came for our heroes and I've always been an animal lover and now I'd say I'm also an animal activist/advocate.I like to be the voice for the voiceless whether its at Capitol Hill, shooting a documentary or print campaign, being at a demonstration or protest, promoting going vegetarian, or getting a petition out on social media I'm always working to help the needs of ALL animals.He is a lover and always follows his big sister's lead at all times, which shows he's a pretty smart dog.He's always making some kind of noise and snores louder than a man. Last but not least is my six year old German Shepherd, who's a former MWD (Military Working Dog) Asur, formerly Cpl Asur.(Laugh) I call her Jenny from the block, use to have a little now she has a lot (fans of Jennifer Lopez will know what I'm talking about). Next is my Pug cross French Bulldog, Wilt Chamberlain.I rescued him when he was one year old from a high kill shelter, he was going to be euthanized that night (sighes).

They came with a lot of gifts that Asur actually unwrapped himself!

She was in rescue after she was found running around the streets of downtown LA.

She's now 10 years old and she's a Chihuahua cross Boston Terrier who likes to be the main focus at all times!

It was absolutely adorable how excited he was along with everyone else!

They brought a Purina dog trainer/behaviour specialist, Melissa Heeter, who addressed all of our concerns.

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She introduced different methods that would help Asur get used to the pattern of the house and walk on the lead - everything.

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