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If you ignore a written notice to attend, your claim will be stopped (and you'll be off the unemployed register) from that date, unless you turn up at the Job Centre within 5 working days and show "good cause" for not attending.At each Restart you may have to fill in a form (like the old UB671R).and be re-interviewed on whether you've done these. You can be referred if you are 18-24 and unemployed for 1 year.Usually they send you on a 1-2-1 first but they don't have to.Under the old system they would try to persuade you to go on a voluntary scheme.Now they may well just issue a Job Seekers Direction that you've got to go on one. If you refuse to go on a "voluntary" scheme at your second Restart (12 months) they can refer you to one or other of the Compulsory Schemes (see below).RESTART COURSE: A 2 week course, usually consisting of supervised morning sessions and afternoon job search assignments.You can be made to attend if you've been unemployed for 2 years, or after 18 months if a Client Adviser thinks you should and there are places available.

They are like the voluntary schemes in terms of content and are used to break down people's resistance to accepting low paid and crap work.

If you agree to do something at a Restart (rather than being ordered to do it) and they find out you didn't do it - you may be called back for a follow-up interview and your Availability / Actively Seeking Work questioned.

Remember - you have the right to have someone with you at an Employment Service Interview / Restart for support or advice - if you want you also have the right to appeal against any decision they make.

Some people find these schemes useful, most think they're rubbish.

They involve CV's and learning to be "flexible" i.e.

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Refusing interviews or offers might be used as evidence of not being available / actively seeking work.

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