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Bad Influence is less graphic than the tape of Lowe’s real-life menage, but the parallels are unmistakable: Alex uses a video camera to record a sexual encounter that later proves as embarrassing as it is self-destructive.Released March 9, Bad Influence was written two years ago; it was shot in L. last summer, during the height of the scandal that broke when a segment of Lowe’s low-life video was leaked to the press.He reports the crash to dispatch as he turns across a grassy median in a bid to get there faster In flames: Once he reaches the site of the incident, the officer screams at motorists who have pulled over: 'Get back! The document also revealed the last words of Greg Byrd - a retired Buncombe County, North Carolina, deputy - who radioed air traffic controllers to say he was struggling to gain altitude after takeoff.Trying to help: As black smoke continues to stream upward, the traffic comes to a stop.The blond, reaching out to caress her companion, pipes, “I’m next.” To those who saw the pornographic home video that set off a firestorm around Lowe last summer, this scene from his new movie, Bad Influence (see review on page 12), may seem ironic, if not exploitative.Lowe, as the satyric sociopath Alex, co-stars with James Spader (who made his own mark as an impotent voyeur in last year’s sex, lies, and videotape) in the thriller.Rapper Gucci Mane took full advantage of the “Kiss Cam” while attending an NBA game in his hometown of Atlanta, using his scoreboard appearance to pop the question to girlfriend Keyshia Ka’oir.Video of the proposal on Tuesday night shows Gucci Mane, whose real name is Radric Davis, getting down on one knee and presenting Ka’oir with a sizable ring after the couple was shown on the scoreboard in a heart-shaped frame.

Captain Smith told reporters, "Due to the occupants of the home, officers made the decision to shoot the tiger." The tiger was killed in the shooting.

“There’s no way that you can know how embarrassing it was,” he says now.

“No matter what adjective I choose, it would be trivializing it.” With his return to public orbit—besides Bad Influence, he’s hosting Saturday Night Live on March 17, his 26th birthday—Lowe is giving his side of the story for the first time.

While Lowe was discussing the fine points of his Bad Influence character with director Curtis Hanson, Screw magazine publisher Al Goldstein was doing a brisk mail-order business with a clip featuring an impressive closeup of a naked, fully aroused Rob.

For a Brat Packer who was trying to recast himself as an artiste-slash-activist, it was humbling to realize that America had seen his moon-white backside moving in monotonous rhythm atop a moaning female.

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