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They're always a little bit disappointed because they want you to join the army, or be a doctor.

I'm a typical Gemini and, from the age of about five, I changed what I wanted to be when I grew up all the time. He just wanted me to be a footballer - but it never happened.' Young Alan tried valiantly to gain his father's approval, though.

Comedian Alan Carr holds up his mobile phone and begins scrolling through his address book.

'Amy Winehouse is quite a recent one,' he says, flashing the handset at me. Paul O'Grady: he's lovely, he's one of my heroes.' Anyone listening to Alan reeling off his celebrity mates might accuse the star of The Sunday Night Project and Celebrity Ding Dong of being a shameless name-dropper.

He was even made captain of the school football team - thanks to his dad's credentials rather than his own talent - but was soon dropped. But he's thankful that there was never a moment when he had to break the news to his family that he was gay. I remember watching What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

'I said to her, "Let me have your number", and she wrote it on my wrist. But, sitting here drinking tea in a café in London's Soho, it's clear that he's just as bemused as anyone by the fact that Winehouse and co are now on his speed dial. Family matters: 'When my dad asked what I was doing to him by going into performing arts, I told him I'd show him through the medium of expressive dance''Weird things happen now,' he confides.

'Sometimes, I think things are going too fast and I can't take it all in.

The contract marks the summit of a meteoric rise for the comedian, who spent many years working in 'dead-end' jobs in call centres and supermarkets before trying his luck on the comedy circuit.

But, despite the plaudits and multi-million-pound salary, there is still one person who has failed to embrace his success.

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